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In this gift package you will find 3 jars of cool salt flakes!

CYPRUS WHITE salt flakes

Cyprus White salt is known for its large, pyramid-shaped crystals with a light and fluffy texture and mild taste that is characteristic of Mediterranean sea salts.

Flake salts are the best choice for topping applications or in a spice blend. We also recommend using it as table salt, as it is very easy to crumble by hand, it melts under the tongue and has a wonderful texture.

The flakes of Cyprus White salt are crunchy, providing palpable satisfaction with each and every bite. If you are brave enough, we even suggest trying adding these salt flakes to fruits, it truly enriches the strong flavors even further!

Produced in Cyprus.

45g / 1.58 oz jar

SMOKED SALT coarse – Let your imagination roam

A smoked sea salt that conjures up images of Vikings and invites the cook to experiment! The sea salt is smoked gradually over an open fire comprised of mainly beech wood. The salt has a strong bonfire-like aroma and a natural smoky taste. A favorite amongst vegetarians as this salt is excellent on vegetables (and as a replacement for bacon crumbles). It is delicious when sprinkled generously over meat about to be thrown on the BBQ. 

We recommend experimenting with this very special salt, as the smoky flavor can suit many surprising dishes! We have even tried it on cocoa and other desserts - something every chef has to try out! 

Produced in Denmark.

45g / 1.58 oz jar

BLACK LAVA flakes salt – an impressive finishing salt

The dramatic color and delicate texture make it ideal for table-side presentation. A favorite in many first-class restaurants, the charcoal will enhance the flavor of many dishes. We recommend using it with fish, shellfish, steak, and vegetables, as well as looking exceptional as a garnish or as decoration around the rim of a cocktail glass.

In addition to adding flavor to dishes, it has been said that there are further health benefits of using the Black Lava salt. For example, many recommend using black salt to cure constipation and other digestive issues. It's also known that the activated charcoal holds detoxifying properties that cleanse your body and removes toxins. Some people even suggest using this amazing salt to reduce muscle and joint pain due to the minerals it contains. 

In order to try reducing pain with black lava salt, just pour it in a cotton fabric pouch, lightly heat it (be careful not to burn the salt), and place it on the sore area of your body. Repeat a few times. 

This salt is a must-have in any gourmet's kitchen! 

Produced in India.

45g / 1.58 oz jar

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