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CRYSTAL PINK fine salt

This is a flavourful salt mined directly from the Himalaya Mountains.

Crystal Pink is a delicious salt and is particularly popular as a seasoning for most recipes, as well as being an attractive table salt. Potassium, magnesium, and calcium give the salt its light beautiful pink color. 

Crystal Pink salt is said to be probably one of the oldest sources of food that you can still eat! It works wonders for seasoning meat and fish, as well as vegetables.

This salt contains no additives, no separating agents, no refining, no bleaching. Crystal Pink fine salt is all-natural!

The clean salt is Gourmet Food Grade and the highest quality Himalayan salt available on the market. 

Produced in Pakistan.
100g/3.53oz jar

KALA NAMAK fine salt - especially for vegan chefs

This salt is also known as the Indian Black Salt. When it is ground, it becomes brownish-pink and has a light taste of sulphur, which gives it a smoky, spicy, egg-like taste. Rich in minerals, especially iron. Kala namak has a very distinctive smell. The sulfur compounds cause the salt to smell like hard-boiled eggs. 

Kala Namak is mostly used in Indian cuisine. It is used sparingly in the preparation of raitas, yogurt dishes, salads, and even fruit salads. Also a welcome addition as a finishing salt to fried noodle and rice dishes.

This salt is not recommended as cooking salt, as the sulphur tends to overpower; however, hardcore aficionados may dispute this! Kala Namak is very popular with vegans, vegetarians, and Ayurveda devotees, who appreciate its cooling effect and digestive qualities.

Kala namak has been used since ancient times and is said to have been identified by Maharishi Charak, the father of Ayurvedic medicine around 300 B.C.E. There are anecdotal claims from Ayurvedic healers that this type of black salt can be therapeutic. It is considered a cooling spice and it is used as a laxative and to help digestive issues and poor eyesight. Kala namak tends to have less sodium than regular table salt. 

Produced in India.

80g/2.82oz jar



Guerande fine salt is an unrefined natural salt enriched with elements, especially magnesium. 

It is harvested by hand in France and celebrated in kitchens throughout the world. Excellent as a finishing and table salt. It is a rather moist salt, so it does not dry out the food while seasoning, and in addition, it is denser than regular table salt, so less amount of it has to be used to bring out the best flavors in the dishes. 

The grey color of Guerande salt comes from the rain lightly disturbing the clay at the bottom of the salt ponds from which the salt is harvested. 

Guerande salt is very rich in minerals but has a lower level of sodium than regular salt. Guerande enhances all recipes and is particularly good with seafood, steak, or anything else you can find in a French kitchen. 

Produced in France.
90g/3.17oz jar

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